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Safexs Password Rescue Service is a new service by Ctwo Products AB that provides a password recovery service for Safexs Protector XT and Safexs Protector 3.0 secure USB Drives. Once activated and their device is registered with Ctwo, the users data is safe from potential loss due to a lost password incident, saving time and potential financial loss.



Reduce IT help desk calls and PROTECT valuable sensitive data from potential loss, with the Safexs Password Rescue Service.

Remove deployment costs, management and help desk calls with the Password Rescue Service built-in to all Safexs Protector XT and Safexs 3.0 drives, users and IT admins alike can sleep well knowing that their data on their portable drives are protected and can be accessed securely if a user forgets their password, with this unique service from Ctwo, maintaining and using strong passwords becomes so much easier and prevents against the writing down of passwords which could be used by an attacker to access your sensitive data on the USB device.


Safexs Password Rescue is an easy to use feature that is protected by strong AES256-bit and RSA2048-bit encryption, the support codes can be generated on Windows, Mac and Linux based operating systems and can be securely unlocked on the same computers, a truly smart service that can hugely reduce costs

  • Protects – Protect device users and confidential information from potential loss due to a lost password.


  • Agentless – No software to download, install, configure or maintain


  • Built-in – Technology built-in to all Safexs Protector drives, no updates needed, user/admin just switches on feature during drive initialisation and registers with Ctwo. {rescueservice@safexs.info}


  • Free Service – Unique free service available during standard business hours for all customers


  • Reduce Costs – Remove deployment, management and licensing costs and help reduce IT help desk calls.



  • Support and unlock codes generated with AES256 and RSA 2048-bit encryption keys.
  • 1 Time Unlock code is generated and sent via encrypted email for additional protection.
  • Dual protection of the unlock code available by the use of encrypted Email and SMS.
  • Timed response is set to a minimum of 3 hours after support code has been received, to prevent against opportunistic attacks.
  • Password Rescue Support application is an offline application stored securely in a secure location within Europe.


System Requirements


  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008 and 2003
  • Mac OSX 10.5+
  • Linux Kernel 2.6+


Supported Drives


  • Safexs Protector XT and Safexs Protector 3.0




  • Standard Rescue Service* – 09:00-17:30 Monday – Friday (FREE)
  • Gold Rescue Service** – 09:00 – 23:00 Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 22:00 Saturday – Sunday
  • Platinum 24hr Rescue Service (available on request)


* Standard Service Mon-Fri (CET) business hours, doesn’t include national holidays and is based on a fair usage policy. Unlock codes will be sent within 3-4 hours during business hours.

** Gold Service Mon-Sun CET, doesn’t include national holidays. Unlock codes will be sent within 3-4 hours Mon-Fri and 4-8 hours Sat-Sun during operating hours.



  • Full Service – Ctwo provides user authentication and password rescue service direct to device users.


  • Partial Service – IT admin handles user authentication, Ctwo provides password rescue service via IT admin.


  • Customised – Unique in-house solution enabling companies to provide their own Password Rescue Service for deployed Safexs Protector drives.

Please find the latest Password Rescue Service data sheet available for download.



The following button will take you to a form that needs submitting before we can activate the service for you, please note that for Password Rescue to work, the feature needs to be switched on during drive initialization, if it hasn’t already been switched on, you must backup your data and reset your drive then switch the feature on.


PLEASE READ: There are 3 types of services that we offer users and companies, Full Service, Partial Service and Customised Service, depending on the service you require please complete the form as detailed below.




How to complete the Activate Password Rescue Service Form


Full Service & Partial Service


Your Name* Please enter full name of device user or admin


Device Owner Name  This is optional and should only be entered if different from ‘Your Name’, for instance if an admin has registered the device. The device owner name can be used for our Lost and Found service, helping to return lost devices to the owner without the company and user details being visible to the person that has found the device.


E-mail* Please enter full email address of device user or admin, this will be partly used for authentication and to generate the unlock code


Telephone Optional entry of telephone number of device user or admin, this is needed if the user or admin has no internet connection and doesn’t have access to email


Company* If the device belongs to a company it must be entered here, if it belongs to an individual user, please enter HOME USER in the text field


Admin | User* Please select the correct option based on your status and usage of the device


Number of Devices* Please enter the number of devices that you are responsible for


Device Serial Number This field should only be entered if the submission is by an end user/device user not an admin, the device serial number can be found by clicking on device info in the help menu of Safexs Protector XT and Safexs Protector 3.0 drives. If an Admin is registering we will require a list of Serial Numbers that the Admin is responsible for, we will contact you and provide you with a secure way to provide us with this information.


Device Firmware Version This field should only be entered if the submission is by an end user/device user not an admin, the device firmware version can be found by clicking on device info in the help menu of Safexs Protector XT and Safexs protector 3.0 drives


Message* Any additional comments should be added here


Customised Service


Please contact us directly to discuss your requirements at info@safexs.info