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Safexs Protector XT is a super strong data protection tool from CTWO Products that protects your sensitive data from unauthorised access, malware infection and accidental loss, with built-in encrypted backup, secure file sharing, computer protection, auto-destruct settings, ESET NOD32 Antivirus engine and a whole raft of other security features, Safexs Protector XT will PROTECT your data like no other USB drive can.



Safexs Protector XT is a data protection tool that comes in a small USB sized form factor, Safexs Protector is a Ctwo Products AB innovation which has been designed and developed within the EU, this secure memory stick is loaded with security features to protect against unauthorised access, Malware attacks and data loss, Safexs Protector is the first drive to have the new Password Rescue functionality built-in, allowing users to securely access the device in case of a lost password without the risk of losing data.


Safexs Protector XT has TRUE cross platform support and operates on Windows, Mac and Linux based machines at ease. The small form factor, ease of use, superior strength and fast USB 3.0 speeds, makes Safexs Protector XT the perfect choice for organisations that are looking to protect their sensitive information.


Safexs Protector XT now comes with built-in ShareProtect for encrypted backup and secure file sharing.

  • AES 256 bit in XTS-Mode – 100% hardware encryption in XTS-mode, more secure than CBC and ECB.


  • Password Rescue Service – No need to worry if you forget your password, you can unlock your device securely without the risk of losing data.


  • Data Backup – Password protect, encrypt and backup your file and folders to your desktop, NAS or the cloud.


  • ShareProtect – A portable secure file sharing solution, which allows you to encrypt your device and computer files and share them with colleagues or business partners.


  • Auto-Destruct – Set the device to wipe on a given date and time.


  • Fast – Transfer data on and off your device with fast USB 3.0 speeds.


  • Brute-Force Protection – Prevent against password guessing attacks, Safexs resets after 10 failed attempts.


  • Updatable – New firmware released regularly containing new features and operating system support available to purchase via Safexs Protector Installer package.


  • Super Strong – Forged from an ultra strong metal alloy, Safexs Protector XT will work even in the most extreme of environments.


  • Malware Protection* – Protect against Malware infection with built-in awarding winning ESET NOD32 antivirus engine, 30 day trial included, 1 and 3 year licences can be purchased.


  • Computer Protection – Protect your device and computer from unauthorised access by automatically locking, logging out or shutting down your computer if your device is left unattended.


  • Tamperproof – Safexs Protector has an epoxy resin covering the internal components to protect against reverse engineering attacks, it also makes Safexs waterproof.


  • Available Storage Indicator – Know how much storage space is left on your device at all times with the available storage indicator.


  • Intuitive Interface – Quick to set-up and easy to use with onscreen guidance, even for users with very little computer knowledge.


  • Cross Platform Support – Windows 10, Mac OSX 10.11 (EL Capitan) and Ubuntu 14.04 LTS all supported.


  • Developed in the EU – Designed in Sweden and developed within the EU, Safexs Protector complies with existing and future EU Data Protection Directives.


  • FIPS 197 (AES) Compliant – The Safexs hardware encryption controller has passed testing and has been validated by CAVP, our validation number is AES# 3681 and can be found on the NIST website validation list , FIPS compliancy is a minimum requirement for most government agencies.


*30 day trial includes free software updates and virus definitions included. ESET NOD32® antivirus engine currently supports Windows based computers only.

*DriveSecurityTM powered by ESET is based on the ClevX DriveSecurity technology licensed from ClevX, LLC.

Hardware Encryption


  • AES256 bit in XTS-mode (512-bit keys split into 2 sets)
  • Random number generator 256-bit keys
  • Hashing 256-bit SHA


Available Storage Sizes


  • 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB & 64GB


Supported Languages


  • English, French, German, Romanian & Spanish


Measurements & Weight


  • 26 grams (0.91 0z), 55 x 18 x 8mm


Certifications & Validations


  • USB 3.0, (2.0, 1.1 comp) CE, FCC, RoHs, WEE
  • Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004
  • FIPS 197 (AES), NIST SP 800-38F (XTS), NIST SP 800-38A (ECB) Compliant




  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2008 & 2003
  • Mac OSX 10.4+ (Sierra supported)
  • Linux Kernel 2.6+ (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Supported)


Environmental Laboratory Tests


  • Waterproof – exceeds MIL-STD-810F specification
  • Operating Temperature – 0c to 70c
  • Storage Temperature – -25c to 85c
  • Vibration Test – Passed at 20G

Please find the latest Safexs Protector XT data sheet available for download.