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Safexs ShareProtect is a FREE, easy to use and powerful backup and sharing application that allows users to backup device and computer data, password protect and securely share with anyone that has a Safexs Protector device, or the Windows, Mac and Linux app.


Company policies and data protection directives dictate that we must encrypt sensitive data in case of loss or theft, but how can we share these files securely with our colleagues or third parties. ShareProtect extends the functionality of Safexs Protector and adds the ability to protect files in-case of device loss or theft, as well as the ability to store them in the cloud or to share them with absolutely anyone. All files are password protected and encrypted using AES256-Bit software encryption and are further protected with strong password requirements.


Secure file sharing is made super simple and available for free with the release of v5.1 of Safexs Protector, along with a full standalone ShareProtect application for Windows, Mac and Linux which is also available free of charge for everyone.


If you have received a file/folder that has been encrypted and you don’t have a Safexs Protector to decrypt it, you can download the ShareProtect FREE app here

  • Encrypted Backup – Backup your Safexs Protector and your computer files to your desktop or to the cloud.


  • AES256 – Files are fully encrypted and password protected with AES256-Bit software encryption.


  • Password Protected – Set strong and unique passwords for each encrypted archive that is created.


  • Secure Share – Securely share files with anyone, Safexs Protector users can encrypt and decrypt files using their Safexs Protector device and other users/file recipients can download the FREE standalone app.


  • Compression – Files are encrypted and compressed providing a smaller back-up space or for sharing.


  • Standalone App – Windows, Mac and Linux ShareProtect app can encrypt and decrypt any files on your computer which can then be stored locally or in the cloud.






Please find the latest ShareProtect data sheet available for download.



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The software is 100% FREE to use.