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Safexs Protector Installer is a secure application that allows device users or IT Admins to quickly and easily install Safexs Protector security software onto 1 or more Safexs secure USB flash drives, from their Windows, Linux or Mac based computer (Mac OSX support coming Q1 2016).



An application built to extend the life of Safexs secure USB drives, providing new features and the latest operating system support.

Safexs Protector Installer is a security application which installs Safexs Protector security software onto Safexs USB flash drives by Ctwo Products AB, which has been designed and developed within the EU, the Safexs Protector security software is loaded with security features to protect against unauthorised access and Malware attacks, Safexs Protector is the first drive to have the new Password Rescue functionality built-in, allowing users to securely access the device in case of a lost password.


Safexs Protector Installer has TRUE cross platform support and operates on Windows, Mac (Coming Q1 2016) and Linux based machines without the need for admin rights.


Safexs Protector Is the perfect choice for organisations that are looking to protect their sensitive information.


Safexs is an evolution of SafeStore, a CTWO Products innovation, introduced to the market in 2007.

  • Easy to use – Built for device users with little or no technical knowledge


  • User Updateable – No need to send the drives back to an IT Admin for updating, the user can install Safexs Protector from their own work or home PC.


  • Update Multiple Drives – Easily update multiple drives by ejecting updated drive and replacing with a new one.


  • Extends Life – No need to replace your secure drive every-time a new operating system is released.


  • Quick – Typically takes between 2-3 minutes to install Safexs Protector onto your Safexs device.


  • Low Cost – Safexs Protector Installer can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new hardware.


  • Customisable – Customer chooses which feature application package to purchase.


  • Offline Installation – An internet connection is only needed to download the installer package, the application itself runs offline.


  • Multi Platform Support – Safexs Protector Installer works on both Windows and Linux based machines, (Mac OSX coming in Q1 2016), providing users with more flexibility when updating.


  • No admin rights required – Safexs Protector Installer even works for restricted users.


Supported Drives


  • Safexs Protector XT
  • Safexs Protector 3.0
  • SafeXs 3.0 XT
  • SafeXs 3.0


Supported Firmware


  • Safexs Protector XT – v5.0+
  • Safexs Protector 3.0 – v5.0+
  • SafeXs 3.0 – v4.7.2 (Dec 2013) – v4.7.5.1
  • SafeXs 3.0 XT – v4.7.2 (Dec 2013) – v4.7.5.1


System Requirements


  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Server 2008 & 2003
  • Mac OSX 10.5+ COMING Q1
  • Linux Kernel 2.6+ (including Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)


Supported Languages


  • English currently, more to be added in Q1 2016